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SA-RP Custom Objects


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San Andreas Roleplay

Custom Object Pack





Since Version 1 of SA-RP we have had a custom object pack installed on the server that you automatically download when you join!

This is a lightweight script that replaces a ton of unused GTA:SA objects with new low-poly objects that we use with mapping (exterior & interior)!


I'm sure you've already noticed we have a few interiors, such as the Montgomery bank, that use custom new objects. And since there are basically no limitations as to how many custom interiors we can have on SA-RP, we're now happily using the new objects whenever possible because they look great! And you can too!



The pack includes:


  • Over 200 new unique objects
  • Many objects taken from GTA V or other games and transformed to fit the game's atmosphere
  • Several objects taken from SAMP including walls, hidden cutscene items & more
  • Two optional Multi-Selection tools for MTA Map Editor which allow you to group objects and do magic



View the list of object IDs: https://sa-roleplay.net/mta/lib/custom-objects

Download link available from the page linked above.



Kind regards,



SA-RP Management

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